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Bus4Africa in Linköping is now managed by Elin and Ida, two students who are new to the organization.

Our primary goal right now is to support the Kusini School down on Zanzibar. To be able to do so we need to recruit many new members! If you are interested in helping out or just ask us anything feel free to contact us at

Sincerely Elin and Ida

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Bus4Africa (B4A) is an NGO network that focuses on developmental aid projects and is based mostly in Sweden and Zanzibar, Tanzania. Bus4Africa was originally started by a couple of Uppsala University students studying Development and Politics, who wanted to utilize the rich student life to collect funds and create awareness for development and aid projects in Zanzibar through arranging events at student organizations. Through our projects we've also created new relationships and partnerships with organizations and key individuals in Zanzibar and Bus4Africa has developed into a network of several projects and groups operating from different places in the world. The organization does, however, still have an active student group in Uppsala as well as in Linköping. Since the start, Bus4Africa has worked to support different projects and partners on Zanzibar and we currently have several different active projects that we support through varying means. Our different branches cooperate to collect funds, recruit donors and partners, and participating in the development stages of the projects. B4As support can be both large- and small scale depending on our current capacities and can consist of anything from a small donation for a schoolbook to the funding of a building. The projects are chosen based on the initiatives of our Zanzibar partners and the ideas and opinions of the members of the B4A network.

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What We Do

We connect people who want to get involved and help them find forums and contacts that relates to their interests and ideas. We make use of the potential of young adults and the active student life of many of Sweden’s universities. We make charity fun through use of unusual forums and staging events to raise money and awareness. And we support the importance of global connectivity through technology and innovation.Finding new innovative and inspiring ways to promote change and development. Providing an alternative to the static, conventional and inaccessible aid organizations that dominate the field.

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Do You Want To Volunteer?

Do you want to change the world into a better place? This is often the motivation of most people who decide that they want to volunteer in “developing countries”. We can effectively promise you that you will not save the world, but we encourage you to get engaged to broaden your perspectives of the world, learn heaps about another culture, get friendships that will (hopefully) last for a lifetime, and contribute with whatever skills/ideas/enthusiasm you can bring to the table in any of our projects or by launching a project of your own. The people and partners we work with on Zanzibar are not passive victims that are dependent on our help, but engaged and powerful individuals which you have the opportunity to collaborate with to make great things happen. The most common question we get from prospective volunteers is what can I do on Zanzibar to help? Our response is what CAN you do? What are YOU good at? What is your passion? Our firm believes is that volunteering will not be effective for anyone (the volunteer or the community) if everyone is placed in the same standardized program. Every person has their own strengths and weaknesses, and by discussing how we can use these most effectively in a community during your stay we create tailor volunteering. Some of our volunteers come with their own project ideas, and after rationalizing them and seeing how/if they are feasible we make a schedule together with our partners for how to implement them and then the volunteer works largely independent with the support of our local staff and partners. Other volunteers realize that they are not the kind of person who is good at or enjoys pushing their own project, especially in a foreign country where everything can be quite confusing for an outsider, and choose to work within one of our existing projects or to teach at a school. None of the ways are better or worse than the other, it is all in relation to who you are and what you want from your trip combined with local needs and existing projects and partnerships. If you think this sounds interesting, please shoot us an email and we would be happy to see you hop on the bus with one destination – poverty eradication!


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